10YR and SP bears did ALOT of work Thursday…

Broz on Bonds

Big open bear mouthAdjusted on: 10/31  US 30-Year Bond: What matters next is: the bulls need to get prices above 135.24…trade below 133.15 targets 133.05 (much more bearish with trade below 133.05. 

10-Year Treasury Note: Remember how much is ABOVE this market – critical levels that the bears have either defended or taken out…that barrier of 127.175-128.01 lets 10s go after 126.31 – and trade gets even weaker below there.

5-Year Treasury Notes: I set a slightly high pivot – but the key to the downside is 121.17_2; trade below there projects to 120.20. The bulls can stay in the game by holding 121.17_2 (or 121.11_7) – but otherwise they need to take out 121.30.

S&P500 Stock Index: Until the bulls extend thru 71.50 OR control 59 we need to look for 1742. While there are no KEY triggers for weakness at these lofty levels, trade thru 1742 DOES set up a run at 1719.50.

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