A Market Wizard Speaks: Marty “The Pit Bull” Schwartz

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Marty SchwartzOne of the original “Market Wizards” in Jack Schwager’s classic best-seller, Marty “The Pit Bull” Schwartz is one of the few of that reclusive group to speak publicly and candidly about his trading, his philosophy, and his life. Rarely have any of the original Wizards given even a brief interview, let alone allowed a video to be offered to the public.

Marty Schwartz allowed us to release it to you only on one condition: this gift to the trading community had to be given away for free.

This video is destined to be a classic, a memoir of a time of great upheavals in our economy and accomplishments by a few exceptional individuals that simply cannot be duplicated today. Starting with a small account funded in part with money from his family, Marty Schwartz tells in his own words the gripping story of how he built a fortune and a philosophy of life using his unique combination of work ethic, intelligence, and sheer guts.

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