Autonomous Security Robots Could Change the World

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Earlier today I had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO of Knightscope, Inc., Bill Li at his Manhattan showroom on Lexington Avenue at 47th Street. Bill has built a solid company and some pretty cool groundbreaking autonomous security robots. Bill is hosting investor meetings at this location through December 31, 2018.

Knightscope is a client of my good friends at MoneyShow and they asked me to MC the investor meeting, lunch and demo they set up for Bill today. I received zero compensation for the appearance. I was so impressed with the company and today’s discussion and demo that I thought I should share the opportunity with you all here on my blog.

Knightscope is currently trying to raise $50 million in a pre-IPO financing to Accredited Investors. There are no guarantees of course but the company is shooting to go public in the next 6-18 months. Knightscope is a semi-public company that reports to the SEC every six months, which allows them to hold this offering out to the public even though it still available to Accredited Investors only. The company has already reserved the ticker symbol KSCP with NASDAQ.

Knightscope’s mission is “to make the United States of America the safest country in the world.” And they are already well underway. Bill has plenty of experience as an Electrical Engineer with an MBA, a corporate executive at Ford Motor Company and as Founder and COO of GreenLeaf, which became the 2nd largest automotive recycler and is now part of LKQ Corp (NASDAQ: LKQ)

This is not Robocop; it’s more like a cross between R2D2, CHiPs and Paul Blart: Mall Cop (without the antics). At five feet tall and 400 pounds loaded with AI, sensors and 24/7/365 capabilities this could be the future of policing and crime fighting and has the potential to be one of the culturally enabling paradigm shifting technologies I have discussed as part of my Super Boom Forecast equation.

The autonomous tech and vehicles market is valued in the range of $50-100 billion at this juncture and it has been reported that $80 billion has been invested on some 60 companies, but nothing has shipped. However, unlike the rest of these companies, Knightscope is the only company with Autonomous Tech in the market. They have installations in 15 states with 60 machines under contract and their machines have already been effective and successful in assisting law enforcement and security teams in apprehending criminals and fighting crime.

AI and Autonomous Tech have the potential to change the world with the kind of impact of many culturally enabling technologies before it like the car, indoor plumbing and the microprocessor and to reward early investors handsomely. This is a fine opportunity to get in on that early with a revenue generating outfit that has successfully brought products to market that are working well already.

I find the Knightscope story compelling. We have shortage of law enforcement in this country and the headlines have been disconcerting. Imagine one of these stationed at your child’s or grandchild’s school. I certainly do. They are already talking to some schools in California. It’s unarmed, but as bullet resistant as any armored police officer or vehicle and is loaded with sensors and AI to lend an extra set of “eyes” and “ears” to law enforcement. Knightscope’s robots are made to aid and serve law enforcement and security operations.

There are about 325 million people in the USA with only about 2 million or so law enforcement and security pros attempting to protect and secure them. There simply are not enough eyes and ears for the task. Knightscope’s robots were built to fill in the gaps using sensors and artificial intelligence software.

Anyway there is more in development and the company seems to be on solid footing and well-run. If this sounds interesting check out the website contact Bill and tell him Jeff sent you or give me a holler if you want to discuss it further. It’s quite an interesting company on a valiant mission with some super cool tech. There is nothing in it for me, I am not engaged with or by the company and I am not an investor at this time, though I am considering it and have shared it with some friends. I hear there is one in Garden State Plaza in Paramus NJ.

Here are a few pics from today at the show of Bill demoing the robots, the recharging pad and me up top with my new pal K5.


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