Bert Dohmen’s “Financial Apocalypse: Predicting the Unpredictable”

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A “Must Read” Guide to Prepare Your Investments Ahead of the Next Crisis!

In 2008, just about all investors, whether individuals, pension funds, mutual funds, or hedge funds, suffered greatly. Losses of 40-60% in professional managed portfolios were common. The results of the damage incurred have burdened our economy for more than a decade.

However, clients of Bert Dohmen were more fortunate. The written record reveals that he advised clients to have positions in the ETF’s that are designed to rise in price as the stock index or sector decline. Here is a graph of how these positions did during the critical six week crash:

In his book, FINANCIAL APOCALYPSE, Dohmen gives a complete chronological account of the year 2008 and how he identified the clues of the approaching crisis. Dohmen shows the irresponsibly optimistic statements from the head of the Federal Reserve chairman, the top regulators, and leaders of the U.S. Congress. 

You will read what the heads of the largest financial firms said just days before their demise or forced takeovers. You will also read the optimistic forecasts of Wall Street at the same time, and how the true, evolving crisis was hidden in the media.

The book is not only an excellent historical record but also a great teaching tool on how to identify an approaching crisis, how to ignore comforting words from the perpetrators and the politicians, and how to detect the next financial crisis before it destroys your wealth.


About the Author
Bert Dohmen is a professional investor with over 42 years of experience in the markets. 

The observations and important clues he obtains in trading his own portfolios in a wide variety of investment vehicles is of great benefit to all of his clients. He is a trader, not just a writer.

Bert Dohmen looks behind the scenes of the global investment markets. He analyzes cross-market relationships, global correlations, and changes in credit market data which give him superb clues as to what is likely to happen in various markets ignored by other analysts.

To get exact market timing, Bert Dohmen utilizes advanced technical analysis, which includes mathematical models that combine the change in volume and price. With these highly attuned skills, it’s possible to measure the change in money flows, either into or out of the market or specific stocks.
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