Blount’s Numbahs Friday: The Spill is Down

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Good Morning – Today is SERIES S3H and the SPILL is DOWN.. .Yesterday the market OPENED 2393 and the OPEN should ALWAYS be placed on your charts and if your data feed does not permit it, THEN WRITE it DOWN… The LEAN was S2H IFFY spill down… The ‘iffiness’ was due to the DROP in the last hour breaking its 2395.5 marker AS GIVEN in advance came in the RUN OFF (the 15 min after cash closes).

It was NOTED in the commentary that had that break of 2395.5 not been made, the LEAN would be S2L SPILL UP. All this does is raise the AWARENESS that a FLIP may occur. The reason for the wide WORK IN RANGE 2385 UNRECOVERED SPOT to 2407.5 SPOT pays homage to the fact the LEAN is IFFY. If we do the LEAN, the S2H and it is NORMAL then one would expect the actual range to encompass the the 2385 and if we FLIP then the possibility of a last hour hod associated with S2L would give the 2407.5 SPOT more opportunity… This is why almost EVERY COMMENTARY on S2 days SPELLS OUT the same 3 key things every time it is written: 1. whoever gets the a.m. turn right wins the KEWPIE 2. They win the KEWPIE because IF the day is NORMAL THEN the market will MOVE FROM A.M. TURN TO LAST HOUR TURN directionally with a COUNTER JOG from LUNCH TO MID P.M. turns and the LAST HOUR will NORMALLY be the HOD (S2L) or LOD (S2H). 3. Series 2 days unlike series 3&4 has NO mid a.m. turn..

SYNOPSIS followed by suggestion: Yesterday was a textbook S2H day.PERIOD. I have the SCROLL SAVED.I do not have time to copy and paste every POST but suffice to say IF one had the SPOTS AND THE OPEN , chose the NORMAL S2H, and executed using the SPOTS and the OPEN THEN the DAY was picture perfect CHA CHING ..I will do the post extractions and the SPOTS /clock chart for Monday as another special commentary AND NOW THE SUGGESTION…

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