Blount’s Numbahs Monday: SPILL DOWN

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Good Morning – Today is SERIES S2H NORMAL and the is SPILL DOWN. Be alert to a flip possibility on Mondays’.

As given last Thursday afternoon : THE BEARS on the killing of the 2004.5 SPOT on a weak last hour high at 2007 LOC believe we are DOWN PHASE OF THE TEST. The 1972.5 SPOT break in the overnight Thursday night commits them to the TEST DOWN PHASE. One very acceptable count -see 78 mn chart- was given Thursday afternoon we have completed 4 of C and are in 5 of C down if you are a BEAR’ — this was shortly after the 2004.5 break along with te 1972.5 SPOT is a big deal .
As warned on Friday : there should at least be 1 decent bounce in the decline if the BEARS are in control. CHART RISK is seen at 1972.5 SPOT ES then 1983 SPOT.The 5 of C DOWN for bears will have it own 1 down ,, 2 up , 3 down , 4 up,then 5 down of lesser degrees.THE BOUNCE WARNING is due to the expected bounce from 1 down to 2 up (a hi).

WHOEVER get the LEAN right S2L vs favored S2H wins the KEWPI TODAY basis the NORMAL behavior.If S2h then odds favor the BEARS from the a.m. hi to the last hour low. If the 2L transpires then it is a.m. lpow to last hour hi NORMAL.

Translating this the 5 of c DOWN would be considered as ‘the 2 hi of 5 of C seals in the a.m. if S2H and if S2L, unless it is a very weak S2L then the 2 hi of 5 down of C down would not seal til late today at the soonest..
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