Blount’s Numbahs Monday: SPILL is UP

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Good Morning – Today is series s2L NORMAL and the SPILL is UP. First things first: DLST (daylight savings time ) occurred over the weekend and for the next TWO weeks, the 4 day (CALENDAR CYCLE NOT TRADE DAY CYCLE) will be disrupted and ‘catch as catch can’.If you have followed my drivel for more than a year as many have, you realize that IT is like a 3 legged stool with PRICE FIRST, TA (technical analysis SECOND) and TIME 3rd.For those who have been reading for 10 or more years, this is nothing new.Simply shift the time element lower down on the hierarchy for alignment purposes.

SPEAKING OF PRICE:The 10 min SPX chart in the BOX now shows the black count joining the green count as DEAD.Before grocery stores went to boxed meant, Butchers’ used to actually butcher a side of cow, wrap the meat and weigh it .This is where the Butchers’ thumb statement came from last week and PRICE is the proverbial scale the butcher has his thumb upon.You have 2 copies today pf the nano 10 min chart: first is one with the black count still showing and the other WHERE WE ARE NOW.

SOME EXCERPTS: Thursday 2/26-2015:The BULLS MUST DEFEND the 2083 SPOT or we are at MINIMUM CORRECTION THE RALLY FROM 1980.9 .ALSO, if 2072.4 CASH is overlapped then whatever drop that creates that occurrence CAN NOT BE a 4th wave and portends DEEPER drop, once again correcting the rally from 1980.9.

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