Blount’s Numbahs Tuesday: SPILL is DOWN

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GOOD MORNING – Today is Series S2H IFFY and the spill is down. Yesterday you received a bunch of charts as a prelude to today’s commentary.This commentary will discuss the big picture with some smaller things ‘woven into it’ in order to support clarity. Here goes :

Ever since we took out 2047 cash in November of 2014, Conditions for a TOP to the Bull Market that began with Obama’s 666 have existed AS LONG AS an identifiable 5th wave was presented that fulfilled a MECHANICALLY VIABLE BIG ARSE V. Here from Dec. 9 2014:

“NOW for a larger admonition which was first given on the FIRST PASS at 2047 cash and two words I have been yammering about, CYCLICAL POLARITY .Once again THESE HIGHS are the first time a COMPLETED COUNT for the BULL MARKET from Obama 666 has been available AT ALL since the we took out 1434.44 cash on the WAY UP.While these are not the odds be very aware of the possibility.” (this is why the 5 min chart of the first pass at 2047 cash is shown and at the time it was an all time high).

These were not the odds FROM MY PERSPECTIVE because I did not believe we had even sealed Big Arse III yet. I have explained many times with charts and prose the SPECIFIC PRICE REASONS why the 1820.66 Low on Oct. 15, 2014 was not IMO Big Arse IV but was best viewed as BLOOD RED 4 , a wave 4 of 1 lesser degree than a BIG ARSE IV. This is and was still
my favored lean: 1820.66 IS Major wave 4 -BLOOD RED 4- .The ramifications to that were simple.

01-08-2015 spx 5 min

06-29-2015 5 min cash (1)


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