Blount’s Numbahs Tuesday: the spill is down

E-mini S&P 500, Technical Analysis

Good Morning

Today is series S2L and the SPILL up. Yesterday the market finally broke with the lows taking out the low of the prior 4 sessions.

The bull will need PRICE to break through 2083 spot and then accelerate, as was given in real-time yesterday. –IT NEVER OCCURRED, as price died at 2082.75.

This means the bulls need badly for the lean to not only be correct, it must avoid an aberrant outcome, which means price needs to move from the morning low to the last hour high if you are a bull and the best ‘count’ would allow for only a slightly lower low than yesterday and preferably at the morning low.  If the bulls can gain traction on the SPILL, so much the better for them.

The bears would prefer the lean to be wrong or they will need an aberrant day and acceleration south towards the 2066 cash.

Expect more thin volume today and worse yet on Friday.

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