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The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in all market sectors creating huge disruptions across every investment class. This has left most investment portfolios misaligned and unprepared to properly exploit the current environment.

To help you reset your portfolio in a changing world, MoneyShow has put together the impressive group of analysts and portfolio managers featured below who will discuss asset allocation strategies—among various fixed-income products, stocks, and real-estate—in the age of Covid-19.

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Top 12 Tech Stocks for the Next Phase of the Digital Revolution

Jon Markman
Editor, Tech Trend Trader

The smartest big technology companies are taking advantage of the virus chaos to boost market share and innovation. Jon Markman will share his 12 tech stocks that will emerge stronger than ever. Two will shock you!

Using A.I. to Forecast Trends in Times of Chaos

Lane Mendelsohn
Editor, VantagePoint

Explore cutting-edge technology designed to identify trend reversals in advance. Learn proven strategies that even helped traders avoid major losses during the Coronavirus crash as well as many more market reversals dating back for decades. Discover how to navigate and thrive in times of unprecedented volatility. In this powerful presentation, you’ll see exactly how to stop guessing when to get into, when to hold your positions, and when the optimal time is to exit and take massive profits. Experience proven methods capable of forecasting market movements 1-3 days in advance with incredible accuracy by applying Artificial Intelligence to calculate global markets analysis in mere minutes.

Why I Predicted a “Black Swan” Event in 2020: Five Ways to Survive and Prosper in the New Decade

Mark Skousen
Editor, Forecasts & Strategies

In the January 2020 prediction issue of Forecasts & Strategies, Dr. Mark Skousen warned his subscribers, “Beware of a ‘black swan’ event that could derail the longest running bull market in history.” The March madness was a black plague on Wall Street! In this important presentation, Dr. Skousen draws upon his 40-year experience in predicting major events as the editor of Forecasts & Strategies and reveals his five best ways to protect your wealth and make money in this new era. Are we headed for another roaring twenties, or a great depression and world war? In this timely lecture, Dr. Skousen reveals his latest forecasts and strategies.

Bond Markets Through the Coronavirus

John Mousseau
President, CEO, & Director of Fixed Income, Cumberland Advisors

Join John Mousseau, president of Cumberland Advisors, as he walks you through the analysis of treasury, taxable, and municipal markets, federal monetary policy, and administration of fiscal policy.

Clean Surplus: A Model of Superior Performance Predictability

Joseph Belmonte
Founder, Buffet and Beyond

If you want to live on the beach like Jimmy Buffett, you’ve got to learn how to invest like Warren Buffett. Well, almost. Buffett and Beyond Research is designed to guide investors and professionals alike in designing their own growth stock portfolios while at the same time, outperforming 96% of all the professionals out there in investment land. Their buy and hold returns have outperformed the S&P 500 index by 2 ½ to 1 on a compounded basis since 2003 without taking on more risk than the S&P 500 index. Buffett and Beyond Research uses a unique efficiency and comparison ratio based upon financial Doctoral research which changes one critical number from both Warren Buffett’s own unique filter and the previous published Ph.D. financial research. This one change allows Their portfolios to consistently outperform not only the market averages, but also the master himself, Warren E. Buffett.

The DRL Group: Your Source for High-Grade Municipal and Corporate Bonds

David Loesch
Co-Owner and Principal, DRL Group

The DRL Group specializes in bonds, primarily, tax-free bonds. With over three decades of expertise they specialize in acquiring bonds on the “bid-side” in the secondary trading market, thus eliminating the multiple layers of fees charged at traditional broker firms. Using this approach, they can show their clients a wide array of bonds in all 50 states, catered to their specific needs and at better prices.

Bond Market Takeaway from the Virus and Its Destruction

Marilyn Cohen
President and CEO, Envision Capital Management, Inc.

During the panic, bond funds have not been the safe-haven investors expected. Liquidity in bond-land has been uneven in every sector. Join Marilyn Cohen, president and CEO of Envision Capital Management, Inc., as she discusses the few places you can invest in with good safety.

REITs, ETFs, and the New Normal—Where Is the Value in Real Estate Investment Trusts and ETFs Today As We Deal with Coronavirus?

David Auerbach
Editor, The Daily REITBeat

With Coronavirus dominating the headlines, how can someone play the Real Estate Investment Trusts and ETFs as we work to “Flatten the Curve” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic?

Farmland Investing for Security & Growth

Artem Milinchuk
Founder and CEO, FarmTogether

With uncertainty ahead, investors are searching for safe-haven assets to preserve and grow their wealth. Beyond being an attractive diversification play in one’s portfolio, farmland has consistently performed well, generating appealing risk-adjusted returns. FarmTogether’s mission is to provide accessible, high-quality investment opportunities in the over $2.5 trillion US farmland market.

Use Safe Money to Achieve Higher Yields While Protecting Safety & Liquidity

Cory Grant
Founding Partner and Shareholder, SafeMoney, LLC

Learn how SafeMoney will help you build a strong financial foundation by avoiding negative market returns and providing tax-deferred growth.

Strategies for Surviving and Profiting During Changing Markets

John Schaub
Editor, Strategies & Solutions

As markets change, deciding when to buy or sell becomes more important. John Schaub will discuss how to select properties with more dependable income and higher profit potential, and balancing the risk of leverage with the increased profits it yields.

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