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MrTopStep goes to Twitter;

Ryan from @ForexLive asked me what I thought would happen after the fed’s decision today so I thought I would reach out to Twitters and ask a few folks;


@move up then fade down towards EOD

Todd Butterfield ‏@BlackBayGroup  

@MrTopStep Fed doesn’t raise, deflation is taking hold and they know it

djflowmaster ‏@djflowmaster  

@MrTopStep metals & oil down…..stocks up

RJC ‏@CorporateCommie  

@MrTopStep The PPT and the Fixers will push it to 2100 close Friday No matter what the ____ happens 

Nigel Marks ‏@NigelMarks  

@MrTopStep Hike = Knee jerk $ up, Indices Down. Tomorrow reversal.

Luke McLachlan ‏@Luke_

@MrTopStep no hike = sell-off like never seen before, hike = rally only to be sold x-days later when the “hike is good” euphoria wears off

G-Know ‏@FibonacciSQNC  

@mrtopstep Pop then drop (possible pop into close) and selling through Friday opex)

G-Know ‏@FibonacciSQNC  

@MrTopStep I don’t know why, but my gut feels like we ultimately end the week lower from this level $ES 2040 (sell)

@Draggen3 says the top will be in if no new high

@elman40  Rate hike no priced in end flatish 

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