Reminder – Webinar – Swiss Timing Trade Entries Using Order Flow!

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Just a reminder that we have Stephen Vettorel to present here at Jigsaw tomorrow at 4:30pm EST. He’ll be discussing how he uses Jigsaw daytradr alongside Investor/RT DeltaPrint to find optimal trading opportunities. The webinar will be held on the 29th November at 4:30pm EST. Click here to register for the webinar,

Stephen believes this visibility can create a trading edge helping you make more precise entries and better-timed trades using information others may not have. The chart was designed to help the trader answer the ‘when’ to trade vs. other indicators ‘where’.

Stephen will discuss the following in this live online event:

• Reading order flow with the daytradr & DeltaPrint charts, an intro

• Why the volume imbalance indicator cuts the work of reading and interpreting order flow

• How many traders “over analyze” reading this chart

• Misuse of pattern recognition strategies

• Interpreting volume at price information

• Why your interpretation of context is so critical to trade success

About Stephen

Stephen Vettorel is the Founder, Head Trader and Portfolio Manager of Benchmark Wealth Advisors, a fee only CA Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). He is a well-known expert in Auction Market Theory and its practical implementation in framing the market via Market Profile®. A preferred educational partner of Investopedia, Jigsaw, Market Delta and Linnsoft, he uses their Market Profile charts to coach members not only about where to trade, but more importantly when!

Stephen graduated from Xavier University in 1995 and began his career with Fidelity Investments. He worked on the option/equity trading desk, later in portfolio management and was awarded the coveted President’s Circle award twice. Later, he was recruited away by Fisher Investments, to serve as Regional Vice President. Over the next 4 years he raised $140 million for the firm and worked alongside famed investor and Forbes columnist Ken Fisher. In 2006, Mr. Vettorel, and a Fisher colleague, formed Aumenti Capital Management, LLC. – L/S futures and equity based tactical Hedge Fund. Today, with years of professional trading experience, Stephen and the team has the knowledge to teach traders to become more professional in their approach and to help cut their learning curve significantly.

Click here to register for the webinar.

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