Simmering Rage on October 14 Red Letter Trading Day

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Powerful energy kicks into gear on Friday, heading toward a peak on October 19.


Simmering Rage

By Susan Abbott Gidel
October 13, 2016

(All times Eastern)

Friday, October 14 is a close second to next Wednesday, October 19 as this month’s top Red Letter Trading Day, mainly due to the astrological activity over the weekend that develops a simmering rage and sets up what could be a rough week ahead.

First, though, let’s get through Friday, when Fed Chair Janet Yellen gives the luncheon keynote address at the Boston Fed’s 60th Economic Conference, “The Elusive Recovery.” The remarks will be made under the influence of a Mercury/Mars square that suggests the look-at-both-sides words are in serious conflict with the practical action to be taken. Yellen’s remarks, at 12:30 pm, are sure to be highlighted as the Sun is at its highest point in the fall sky at that time. With the Moon having just moved into Aries, reaction to her speech could be feisty and aggressive.

The “get it done” theme continues on Friday as Mercury also makes a sextile to Saturn at 2:47 pm. Not as harsh as the square, a sextile provides opportunity for two planets to work together. In this case, a focus on the details needed to get plans accomplished.

Over the weekend, the heavy duty energy kicks in surrounding the Sun’s position in Libra and the Full Moon in Aries at 12:23 am on Sunday. Libra is the Sun’s worst sign, so it is considered relatively weak. Still, it is the Sun, the largest and most dominant of any of the planets.

On Saturday, the Sun is exactly opposite Uranus, the planet of revolutionary surprises, at 6:43 am. Just 18 hours later, the Moon is not only exactly opposite the Sun (the Full Moon), but also aligned with Uranus in flammatory Aries. Any Full Moon can bring out the crazies, and because this one involves Uranus, it has the potential to be a Full Moon on steroids, with an angry flavor. Adding even more tension is that Mercury is at a 90-degree angle to Pluto at 10:39 pm on Saturday, two hours before the Full Moon is exact. Watch out for arguments over power on Saturday night.

All together, the Sun this weekend moves into position to create a big, giant T-square as it is opposite Uranus and both those planets are square to Pluto. In Cardinal signs, this formation is about taking the initiative, with Pluto in Capricorn, the transformer of business and government, doing the heavy lifting. Adding to the formation is that the Moon in Aries is opposite Mercury in Libra, where fiery emotions are in conflict with soothing words.

Friday’s reports include:

  • 9:30 pm Thursday  China CPI
  • 9:30 pm Thursday  China PPI
  • 8:30 am  US PPI-HD
  • 8:30 am  US Retail Sales
  • 12:30 pm  Fed Chair Janet Yellen speaks
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