‘The S&P 500 Futures: Complacency and Destroying The Status Quo’

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HIGH: 2272.50 Early
LOW: 2262.25 Mid Morning
LAST: 2263.75 DOWN 12.75 Handles
TOTAL VOLUME: 1.1 mil minis, with 200k from Globex
MOC: Still Early

Bank Reserve Settlement, Motor Vehicle Sales, MBA Mortgage Applications, ADP Employment Report, Gallup U.S. Job Creation Index, a 3-Yr Note Announcement, a 10-Yr Note Announcement, a 30-Yr Bond Announcement, Treasury Refunding Announcement, PMI Manufacturing Index, ISM Mfg Index, Construction Spending, EIA Petroleum Status Report, and the FOMC Meeting Announcement.
They’re selling the big names and buying the small names. Everyone keeps buying the dips, and I think that it’s going to bite us in the behind very soon.

Has the dam broke? I think it has. Im excited, but Im also a little scared. We are going to see some wild swings this year.

Im a Bull, but Im no fool!

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