‘S&P, Crude Oil, the Fed and the December Quad Witch’

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High: 2073.00 Early
Low: 2050.50
Last: 2062.20 DOWN 19 handles
Volume: ESZ 2mil, and SPZ 8.3k; 4k of that was the SPZ/SPH spread..Yes it’s roll over in the S&P and this Thursday the March contract goes front month.
MOC: MIM FLIP -$200mil to sell, actual MOC came out buy +$300 mil.

Tomorrow: MBA Mortgage Applications, Wholesale Trade, EIA Petroleum Status Report, and a 10 Yr Note Auction.

One of the reasons I changed my ESZ 2150 midmonth call is because of the following; the first rate hike in almost 10 years, and the December Quad Witching.

Not giving up on my year end calls, but the ESZ has to go up 140 handles in the next 15 trading days, and according to Mark Kolanovic from JP Morgan, whose nick name is ‘Gandalf’ because of how well his short term calls are, is sending out a big warning about the Dec 15-16 Fed meeting and the December Quad Witch on Dec 18.

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