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Is your company’s stock exhibiting signs of abusive short selling?

There is an epidemic of abusive and illegal shorting of stocks on USA Stock Exchanges today. The problem is regulators are not equipped to stop it on a large scale. By and large, convictions do not come from regulators policing the markets. Click the link below to see some of the new convictions of criminal shorting activities reported by the NY Times.

Case Sheds Light on Goldman’s Role as Lender in Short …

In a settlement this month, Goldman Sachs agreed to pay $15 million in a case that involved its business of lending securities to short-sellers.

How to tell if your stock is being illegally shorted:


  1. Has your share price decreased for 3 months or more for no apparent reason?
  2. Are people making negative, slanderous posts on message boards?
  3. Have writers published negative stories on your company using smear tactics and slanderous language?
  4. Does your stock regularly trade in uneven amounts or “odd lots” (1,357 shares, for instance)?
  5. Does your stock come under selling pressure anytime there is a press release regardless how positive the news is?
  6. Do you get random calls from so-called “investors”? They do this to give themselves more shares to sell into your stock.
  7. Nasdaq Regulation SHO list reports  how many shares were initiated as a short on a daily basis. If you are seeing more than 20% of overall volume initiated short on a daily basis you are probably under an abusive/illegal shorting attack. Here is the link: Click on the day and scroll down to your ticker symbol. The 1st set of numbers is the shares the were initiated as a short, and the second set of numbers is the volume for the day. Make sure you click on the market that your stock trades on. (Nasdaq listings the 1st set, NYSE the 2nd set and the 3rd set is the OTC and pinks).

If you have 2 or more of these symptom’s, your stock is likely under attack by abusive/criminal short selling.


The Cost Of  Abusive/Illegal Short Selling:


  1. Decreases the value of your company by pushing the share price down. Any financing the company seeks will likely be priced lower due to an intentionally manipulated and depressed share price, significantly diluting the company’s existing shareholders.
  2. Damages your brand and tarnishes your company reputation by publishing stories/posts/messages that will be on the internet forever.
  3. Damages credibility with shareholders, partners, and current/future employees. A depressed stock price undermines everyone’s confidence in the company.
  4. Damages reputation and credibility of management who will be under constant pressure and shareholder scrutiny.
  5. Damages company viability for possible funding sources (It is very difficult to explain why the stock is down and why there is so much negativity on the internet about the company).
  6. Limits company ability to acquire other businesses because of the low stock value versus the real value of the company.
  7. Unwillingness of current shareholders to further invest, or hold company stock (Inability to attract new shareholders with a stock that is under attack).
  8. Possible company closure/bankruptcy.


The Solution:  


There is now a software-as-a-service (SAAS) called ShareIntel DRIL-DownTM that enables public companies like SHIS to proactively track equity flows and identify suspicious, aberrant and/or unusual trading activity.  DRIL-DownTM  identifies Banks, Broker-Dealers and Clearing Firms that have clients that are likely participants to naked short selling (counterfeiting), thus enabling public company fiduciaries to take action. In addition, DRIL-DownTM  tracks critical Broker-Dealer and shareholder movement behind street name enabling public companies to identify who is buying and who is selling their shares, as well as giving them access to a plethora of additional information to help proactively identify and attract likely new investors.


ShareIntel is the only software solution in the market today that provides the breadth and depth of data that will allow any public company to track shares bought/sold and identify exactly who is buying/selling and which Broker-Dealers

are participants to abusive short selling.

DRIL-DownTM will provide your company with critical data to help understand exactly why your stock is going up or down. Unfortunately without this service you will have almost a zero chance of ever catching who is shorting your stock or have any data to get them to stop and cover their position.

ShareIntel’s  DRIL-DownTM is currently being used by law firms to prosecute the criminals involved in these shorting activities. ShareIntel’s data is used as empirical evidence in these cases. 


The service is very inexpensive – $2,500 dollars a month with a year commitment and a one time set up fee of $2,900.  This will allow you to immediately track who is buying and selling, and to collect and archive data which can be used to take actionable steps against the participants.


How It Works:


Through a patented process ShareIntel provides an unprecedented level of transparency enabling CEO’s, CFO’s and IRO’s to DRIL-DownTM and track critical Shareholder & Broker-Dealer share ownership and movement behind street name to individual names and addresses.
ShareIntel is the leader in defining a new paradigm for a best practices intelligence gathering model. We arm public company fiduciaries with dynamic and actionable data. Our goal is to support CEO’s in all areas of their fiduciary role as it pertains to managing their company’s market capitalization. Our intelligence is based upon data which is private in nature, which makes us very unique.
We aggregate and make sense of data which is only available to the Client Issuer Company and its authorized agent (ShareIntel). As a result, we offer our client companies a level playing field – a complete snapshot(s) of their overall shareholder base. We dynamically track Broker/Dealer and shareholder movement and deliver updates to your PDA and desktop. We update position changes monthly and/or bi-weekly. In addition we track all activity at the Banks/Broker-Dealers at a granular level, providing daily detail, summarized weekly. Our Live Intelligence Desk is available Mon – Fri, 8 am – 6 pm EST to provide amplification and assistance in interpreting market data.

o Track Critical Shareholder and Broker-Dealer Movement
o Identify & Track Potential Fails-to-Deliver often Associated with Naked Short Selling
o Identify & Track the Parties Buying and Selling “Behind Street Name” Down to Names and Addresses
o Create liquidity & maintain orderly markets by matching large sellers to buyers
o Identify new shareholders
o Monitor for Potential Illegal Stock Lending
o Target Institutional Investors
o Monitor Peers
o Attract and retain Key Anchor Investors


In summary, what’s most important is to start gathering/collecting data ASAP. There is much additional information that you will gain access to in addition to tracking short positions. We will train and coach you how to use and leverage this information, how to take action, know who is buying/selling, how to detect fake offers of stock by market makers that have no stock to sell, who is buying large positions in your competitors stocks, how to proactively attract new investors, and much more. For more information go to


Please contact us to schedule an online demo.



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  • This is great solution to greedy people and brokers, but how can it help the “little” guy that just took their only savings only to watch a brokerage firm keep the stocks at bay by either playing off an open options trade that was sold. I found that they kept a fraction of that share and were short selling off it. Also, my “price paid” fluctuates and with penny stocks the price just keeps stringing out, so I make no money or I’m in the red. I can’t afford $2500 now. I’d like to know if you even care about helping the amateur investor. You have an excellent product, but only the rich get richer?

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