Sun Stumbles in Taurus on April 19 Red Letter Trading Day

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The Sun moves into Taurus, ruled by Venus, while Venus and Pluto raise concerns about debt.

Focus on Debt

By Susan Abbott Gidel
April 18, 2016

(All times Eastern)

Monday’s robust close above 18,000 in the Dow—the first time since July 20, 2015—was not what I expected on the first trading day with Mars and Pluto retrograde. Tuesday, April 19 has a couple more astrological influences that argue for caution as well.

First, the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus at 11:29 am. Any change of sign for the Sun, our most influential planet, is significant, and this one is somewhat of a jolt. The Sun is moving out of Aries, its very most favorite sign because it is so active, to one that is associated with being steady and plodding.

After the close, money planet Venus in Aries makes a 90-degree square to Pluto in Capricorn at 4:51 pm. These two planets in this relationship suggest problems with debt are front and center. What’s more, they are connected to important points on the DJIA natal chart indicating that although everything may look OK on the surface, there is something hidden going on in the background. Even more interesting, is that the hidden part of the equation is in the house associated with real estate and housing—on the day of the US Housing Starts report. Look for something hidden in the data to get the real story.

Tuesday’s reports include:

  • 8:30 am  US Housing Starts
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