Thank you Dustin.. I think I will pass


I am a bit cranky this morning. Been up since 5 am ET digging out stories for our traders and working hard to keep our trading rooms running and working. It is a lot of work, a grind even.

I sent out the wrong newsletter, had to resend.

I did, however, make a new friend today, Dustin – CEO of Market Traders Daily. I don’t know Dustin but I am pretty sure of a couple of things. First, he is a much better internet marketer than me. Second, I don’t think he would be my friend, but I am open-minded.

Right now I find Dustin annoying, even though he has a POWERFUL methodology that he is willing to REVAL to me in and EXCLUSIVE presentation, but the most annoying thing is he is excited. I don’t like excitement in the morning.

Each day of trading is a grind. It is hard work and if it was just 9-5 that would be great.

Here is another thing I don’t like, he is using an email for me that was created just for signing up for Traders Expo. I am not sure how Dustin has a Traders Expo mailing list but he does.

I left the links live below, it will probably hurt or SEO, but I want to give you all a shot at my new friend’s exclusive presentation, evidently, I was on the exclusive Trader’s Expo list.


ps. If you want to hang out with some cranky traders, this is the place for you.

Letter From Dustin Pass:

Hi Friend,

When I first started trading, I had one simple goal in mind: 

To get to a point where I could quit my day job, trade full time and answer to no one but myself. 

It took time, plenty of hard work and a lot of trial and error — but I eventually got there… 

But if I’d known back then about the powerful methodology revealed in this exclusive presentation, I could have gotten there a lot sooner. 

That’s why I’m so excited about this webinar — because I KNOW it has the potential to change lives. 

Claim Your Spot In This Exclusive Presentation

Listen, I know what it’s like to be stuck in the 9-to-5 grind, stressed to the limit and spending every waking minute searching for a way out. 

And I know what it’s like on the other side, too. 

Now, I’m on a mission to help others fire their bosses and live the lives they’ve only dreamed of… 

And I truly believe that the proven system revealed in this webinar can help YOU do just that. 

So… what are you waiting for? 

Learn The Secret To Truly Profitable Trading And Begin Living On Your Own Terms!

To Your Success,

Dustin Pass
CEO, Market Traders Daily

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