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Good afternoon,
These two after spiking on the oil report data at 9:30 a.m. did do an about face that took them to new lows for the regular session.  Since then its been more or less a grinding trade which has stayed the course under this mornings opening prints.
The s&p found a current high of 2078.50 which came shortly after the oil report.  Even though it managed a move above its settle price, it topped out short of the pre-market high of 2087.75.  It reversed that optimistic move when offering under its opening range of 2074.30-2074.50 on its way to test the pre-market low of 2069.50 / yesterdays pre-market high 2069.25.  Find support at those levels did make current lows at 2069.30 pit / 2068.75 mini which followed with a move to last highs at 2073.00.  Falling short of the opening range did see that price get tested 3 times in about a 15 minute period.  Another move to the lows stopped just short with a print at 2069.00.  Grinding away doesn’t offer much as it decides on a next move.  Downside still offers a first look at 2066.90, followed by the # price of 2063.30, while only a turn of the opening range encourages a move back to higher ground.  On the negative side ever since taking out that opening range “suggests” more potential to see new lows, but believe me, it’s a coin toss.
The Nasdaq found its current high at 4403.00 on that oil report.  A last attempt at new highs stopped short with last print at 4402.75 leading a move back to its opening print of 4389.25, low 4389.00.  Two attempts at the settle price stopped spot on the 4392.00 price and followed with a sharp move to find its current low at 4375.75.  Failing an attempt at the pre-market low 4375.25 it found a high at 4386.75, testing the pivotal price, but when a higher low at 4377.25 was seen, it started its grind sideways moving into the 2nd half of today.  Lacking a move back to the opening print puts this future back on the defensive side of things and if it carry’s a move under the pre-market low, look for support tests at 4364.25 and a solid level at 4352.25, volume value price, a place I will look to long at first asking.
Things once again dried up in a hurry, but the breadth of the market feels heavy at this time.  Leaning south.
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