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The beat continued to higher ground as it ascended up the ladder steps taking aim at a next resistance price of 151.25 stopping short at this time with a current high of 151.22. A low of 151.17 has been the low moving into the noon hour trading in a current range off that high / low for well over an hour. It questions if this future will continue a move seeking the 151.25 price as well as today’s # price objective 152.08. The charts look at the 151.10 price as a deal breaker, especially if it follows with an offer of the 151.08 level. It would be enough to convince me chances on new lows could be had by days end. That is a long shot at best, but out there. I say that because this future never did find its settle price of 150.20 since last nights open with a current low of 150.23.

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