Turn Around Tuesday Gets A Spanking

Commentary, The Closing Print, Video
[youtube id=”CQufFuLiK94″]


HIGH: 1960.00 Early
LOW: 1939.75 Late
LAST: 1943.80 DOWN 10 Handles
MOC: SELL $267mil
TOTAL VOLUME: 1.45mil ESU, 2.6k SPU


MBA Purchase Applications
Durable Goods Orders
Corporate Profits
EIA Petroleum Status Report
5yr Note Auction

After making a new contract high by 1 tic, the ESU got spanked

Sold off 20 handles down to 1939.75

It was a good old fashioned S&P Slip and Slide

Over due…And I said over the weekend the markets were setting up for a pull back…

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