USD/JPY May See 110.00, Over Coming Weeks; AUD/USD Top Measures to 0.8906

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The most recent leg of the USDJPY breakout from mid-August has extended through the 2014 highs, pressing a six-year high in the pair now that the triangle breakout is under way. The ‘flag pole’ of the recent triangle/pennant measured from the breakout points to a move towards ¥110.00, as would a doubling of the range that governed price in 2014 until this week.

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The recent downturn in AUDUSD finally piques our interest now that the range that has developed since the first week of April has been broken below $0.9205. While this looks like a weak head & shoulders topping pattern, the timing of the Stochastics and MACD issuing sell signals alongside the break in price gives greater confidence for a continue breakdown.

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