The Wayne Whaley July Summary of Multi Market Commentary

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Click on the below underlined link to view the collection of my market studies for the month of July which were made available to subscribers to our market commentary and/or participants in our trading programs.  We maintain databases on fifteen different markets, SPs, Nasdaq, Ftse, Nikkei, Bonds, Oil, Gold, Silver, Corn, Wheat, Beans, Cattle, Dollar, Pound and Yen and run scans for interesting setups on each daily and share them with our commentary subscribers when we find something worth writing home about, with a commitment to at least one detailed story once a week.   The attached July sample will give you an idea.

Market commentary is $1000 a year.  Inquire with, 256 881-3311, for more information on our commentary and/or trading programs.

Summary of Wayne Whaley July Multi Market Commentary

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