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Who’s got your back???

I Got Your Back

As a trader, I find it is most useful to have contacts that operate as liaisons … communicators that facilitate a working relationship between people. Danny is a perfect example of this. He has many resources of which he draws upon, along with his own experience, to formulate his expertise on the markets before passing it on to the people who rely on him to provide market direction.

I like to think of myself as your “lifestyle” liaison. While I am certified in Nutritional Consulting, I don’t consider myself an “expert” in this field nor do I want to make the time to qualify as one. I prefer finding the best resources I can and then passing this on to my clients for them to decide what is best for them. It is my belief that we as individuals, if we just “listen,” will know what our bodies need.

So, I wanted to pass on a resource that I found while stalking Instagram fitness accounts (which is heavily loaded with women who have muscles that I will only ever be able to dream of). But I digress …

This guy really LOVES his pop tarts (altered to his macros, of course) but if you can overlook this, I think you will find a lot of valuable information when it comes to creating a “diet” you can actually enjoy, all while achieving your goals.


Now, as traders, we deal with numbers all day long so I’m not suggesting (unless you’re interested) that you start counting your macros … who has time for that?!? However, his research and basic message are based on the fact you don’t have to adhere to a strict diet in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and or reach your fitness goals!

I happen to agree with much of what he has to say so if you have any questions on this approach, please feel free to shoot me an email with what’s on your mind.

Here’s to “Living Another flexible Day to Trade”

Beth Marconi

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